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Integrated digitization of clinical biospecimen cohorts on the molecular level

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Swiss Multi-Omics Center

"Each patient's individual molecular makeup and unique characteristics will be the basis for guiding the medical decisions and restoring health."

Personalized Health and Related Technologies (PHRT) is a strategic focus area of the ETH Domain; the latter embracing key research institutions like ETHZ, EPFL, PSI, EMPA, Eawag and WSL. PHRT’s goals include improving the quality of Personalized Health and Precision Medicine by providing a choice of individual therapeutic strategies for patients. PHRT aims to support and drive transformation in Personalized Health by providing clinicians with access to ETH technologies in order to evaluate their potential contributions to clinical decision making. The PHRT research program complements infrastructure efforts undertaken by the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) and the Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC). Within the PHRT program, SMOC is an engine for multi-omics data generation, analysis, interpretation. For secure data processing and sharing, SMOC is integrated into the SPHN/BioMEdIT secure computational infrastructure.


Single entry point for digitizing your clinical cohorts at the level of DNA, RNA, Proteins, Metabolites and Lipids


Integrated FAST track and DEEP track analysis of multiomics data


Delivering molecular insights supporting publications and clinical decision making


FAIR sharing of primary and derivative data based on ethical consent


SMOC molecular profiling platform provides robust data for research and simultaneously insights for clinicians

Clinical Stream

High quality molecular data on the DNA, RNA, Protein, Metabolite and Lipid level for gaining clinical insights

Exploratory Research Stream

Integration, visualization and analysis of omics data mapped onto biological networks and pathways

SPHN BioMedIT infrastructure integration

For data lineage tracking, secure data management, data sharing, secondary and tertiary analysis

SMOC - towards better informed treatment decisions based on molecular insights.


Our Offer and Expertise

Getting the most of your clinical samples

Single entry point for integrated multi-omic analysis.

Molecular insights into clinical cohorts

Standardised and automated processing of large clinical cohorts.

Safe Data Storage and Exchange

Handling of sensitive clinical data according to established SPHN/BioMedIT guidelines.


We will find together the right strategy for digitizing and analyzing you clinical samples.

Feasibility study

Small scale studies for optimizing clinical cohort experimental design and generating proof of concept data.

Support with Grant and Paper writing

We will provide relevant text snippets supporting grants and publications.

Generating clinical insights from Multi-Omics data


One entry point, three integrated centers.

Scalable production and analytics.



Clinical Genomic Analysis Center

  • Clinical Grade Sequencing
    (ISO 15189 accredited)
  • Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)
  • Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)
  • RNA Sequencing (RNASeq)

  • Further information and pricing
  • Fast-track genomic data analysis



Clinical Proteotype Analysis Center

  • Quantitative Proteotyping

  • Proteotype analysis (DDA, DIA, PRM)
  • Post-translational modification analysis
  • Spatial proteotype analysis

  • Further information and pricing
  • Fast-track proteomic data analysis

Metabolomics & Lipidomics


Clinical Metabolomics Analysis Center

Integrated Multi-Omic Data Interpretation

Integration, visualization, and analysis of omics data mapped onto biological networks and pathways

BioMedIT integration for data lineage tracking, data management, data sharing, secondary and tertiary analysis

SMOC — designed to meet the needs of clinical research.

Further information and pricing

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Prices updated: April 2022


WGS - 30x coverage

research (CHF/sample) industry (CHF/sample)
850 1300

WES - 70x coverage

research (CHF/sample) industry (CHF/sample)
1-50 samples 350 525
51-100 samples 320 480
>100 samples 260 390

RNA-seq - 50PE; 25M clusters

research (CHF/sample) industry (CHF/sample)
1-150 samples 200 300
151-300 samples 190 275
>300 samples 160 240
Download full pricing details (CPAC)
Download sample requirements (CPAC)


Standard data-independent acquisition (DIA)

research (CHF/sample) industry (CHF/sample)
1-20 samples 1000 3000
21-99 samples 800 2400
100-499 samples 600 1800
500-999 samples 500 1200
>1000 samples 400 800

Phospho-enrichment workflow and data-independent acquisition (DIA) or alternatively data-dependent acquisition scheme

research (CHF/sample) industry (CHF/sample)
1-20 samples 1200 3000
21-99 samples 1000 2400
100-499 samples 800 1800
500-999 samples 600 1200
>1000 samples 500 800

Basic PRM-assay development including optimization and determination of LOD/LOQ

research (CHF/sample) industry (CHF/sample)
1-20 samples 5000 10000
21-99 samples 2500 5000
Download full pricing details (CPAC)
Download sample requirements (CPAC)


Metabolomics (LC-MS, untargeted)

research (CHF/sample and mode) industry (CHF/sample and mode)
110 220

HT Metabolomics (FIA-MS, untargeted)

research (CHF/sample and mode) industry (CHF/sample and mode)
30 60

Lipidomics (LC-MS, untargeted)

research (CHF/sample and mode) industry (CHF/sample and mode)
110 220
Download full pricing details and sample requirements (CMAC)

Author image

Dr. Sandra Goetze

SMOC Coordinator & Scientific Head of CPAC

Author image

Dr. Keith Harshman

SMOC Co-coordinator and Scientific Co-head of CGAC

Author image

Dr. Patrick Pedrioli

SMOC Data Science Coordinator

Author image

Prof. Dr. Bernd Wollscheid

Advisory Head of SMOC

Author image

Dr. Alaa Othman

Senior Scientist & Lipidomics Specialist

Author image

Dr. Audrey van Drogen

Project Scientist &
Lab Manager

Author image

Dr. Katrin Männik

Expert in genomics and related ELSI

Author image

Dr. Silvana Albert

Data Scientist & Information Security Engineer

Author image

Prof. Dr. Jaques Fellay

Scientific Head of CGAC

Author image

Prof. Dr. Ioannis Xenarios

Scientific Co-head of CGAC

Author image

Prof. Dr. Nicola Zamboni

Scientific Head of CMAC


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